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Genki Garb LVAD Medical Shirt

Genki Garb LVAD Medical Shirt

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The Genki Garb VAD shirt has been developed with the help of actual VAD recipients. We have taken all the feedback and modified the VAD shirt to ensure proper fit.

Modifications: The control unit has been strategically placed in the center of the shirt to provide everyone with the ease of use and securing the control unit; those with a driveline on the left or right can use this shirt with ease.  The cords for the batteries and the control unit are held in place with longer velcro loops that secure all cords, keeping them neat and protected  The shirt is made of fabric that provides a compression more snug fit than our VAD tank.  Added extra battery pockets  to provide alternate position of batteries 

What’s stayed the same: The upper pockets ensure a snug and secure fit for the batteries, and for extra security the pockets have a velcro securing strap.  The shirt  is made of our special wicking material that helps keep you cool and dry. The shirt also has a special pocket to hold your VAD controller. The double stitching on all of the pockets and seams will provide you with years of use.

NOTE: Genki Garb Black Crew neck is made of compression fabric 85% Nylon 15% Spandex for less compression we offer Genki Garb tank and Genki Garb Shorts

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