Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support Heartmate Vad?

Yes, our shirts fit both Heartmate 2 and Heartmate 3.

What type of LVAD Vests do you offer?

We offer two styles of shirt, one with sleeves and a tank top.

Do you offer LVAD bags?

We don't currently, but contact us if you are interested in helping us bring one to market.

Can I wear your LVAD t-shirt under my regular clothes?

Yes, the shirt is made out of compression material to hold your equipment close to your body and to allow you to layer other clothes on top.

Does your clothing hold LVAD Batteries?

Yes, we have multiple pockets for your batteries integrated into the shirts and shorts.

What type of LVAD Gear and Clothing do you sell?

Currently, we sell shirts, tanks and shorts to support our VAD patients.