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Genki Garb Medical Short …

Genki Garb Medical Short …

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The Genki Garb VAD short has been developed with the help of actual VAD recipients. Designed specifically for VAD patients as a comfortable, concealable way to carry and manage the battery packs. It is strategically made for HeartMate 2 and 3 that conceal and help secure the driveline from snagging and damage that may lead to driveline fractures

LVAD Short Features: Securing closure loop keeps the battery secure while you’re active Heavy spandex holds the battery weight Moisture-wicking material keeps you cool and dry The closure loops hold the extra cord and keep it close to your short for concealment  Designed to wear under regular clothing Now you can live an active, fulfilling life with an LVAD, doing things you enjoy and spending time with the people you love.

Pockets ensure a snug and secure fit for the batteries, and for extra security the pockets have a velcro securing strap. The double stitching on all of the pockets and seams will provide you with years of use.
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